Welcome to the proposed interim site of the College of Engineering - Osmanabad.

How does an obscure college tucked away in further obscurity throw up a motley crew of engineers who are regularly able to make their mark in whatever they do?

How did an engineering college with humble beginnings begin to have students who regularly excel with University ranks and whose alumni migrate to all corners of the globe, some on to leading US universities and corporations?

The answer is simple…...because of our ATTITUDE!


We may not have a hoary past, or have a reputation either good or bad. Heck, we might not  even be known to a lot of people..

But what we do have are students past and present who are geared to face the world.
Not for us the theoretical gurus who cannot connect one end of an electrical circuit without worrying whether he is going to cause an explosion at the other! Not for us the scholarly engineer who can build great prototypes, but only on paper!!

We are savvy and we have what it takes to succeed in the industry. We don't flinch at hardships because we have been tempered with fire. We know what to do to get the job done, even if it takes abilities other than just technical skills. In short, we are "guys who  do!"


This is a new site needing help and fast! We are four of us trying to get this site going and need feedback from all you guys and girls who passed out of the college. Professors and lecturers, we need your input too!

Shortly, we would be adding a database to which anyone who had worked or studied or taught at the college of engineering can register. We hope this would serve not only to link friends, but also provide a forum whereby senior students can help with placements and propel our college further forward.


Finally, it should be stressed, this site is not an official web-site of the college of Engineering at Osmanabad. All matter contained herein, are from our own experiences at some college which happened to have the same name and the usual disclaimers of "I don't know who, what, when, why and where?" apply if you are even thinking of the law now….so there…..


Site published and maintained by N. Sridharan - ECE - Class of '90